Top 5 Sister Gift Ideas

Sisters are special and choosing just the right gift will let them know just how you feel about them. The top 5 sister gift ideas for 2016 include:

1. Sense And Sensibility

This novel is a timeless classic by Jane Austin that perfectly reflects the nature of the relationship between sisters. The cloth-bound hardcover special edition is an ideal gift idea. If you or your sister aren’t into reading, get the DVD starring Emma Thompson and watch it together.

2. Morse Code Bracelet

The Morse Code bracelet by Minimalist Designs let’s sisters do what they do best – share secrets. The word sister is incorporated into the bracelet in Morse Code and no-one will understand the meaning except you and your sis unless one of you tell. Get one for each of you to make the sharing even more special.

3. The Perfect Picture Print

Choose a photo of you and your sis together and have it made into a print and framed. You can choose from different print designs – black and white is a popular choice and a retro design is also a great idea. You can even have the image translated to reflect a detailed pencil sketch. Ask your local print shop for more details.

4. The Spa Voucher

Every sister knows the value of a spa day gift voucher. But what is the fun in going alone. Sharing a spa day is one the most popular sister gift ideas ever.

5. A Personalized Diary

Keeping a diary is not just for young ladies and every sister will enjoy the gift of a journal. Personalize the gift by adding her name, star sign or other unique information on the cover. Don’t forget to add your own special message on the first page of the diary.

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Found A Few Things To Do With Family

My husband and I wanted to have a family night and we were having a hard time deciding what we wanted to do. It was hard to come up with ideas of things to do. We finally decided that we would take our family out to eat for the evening then go to the bowling alley. We had a great time and got to try out a new restaurant that just opened up too. We made lots of memories and plan on going bowling again really soon and going back to the restaurant. I hope this gives you ideas on what you can do with your family!